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Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon best price used cars for sale

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Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon

As a Japanese leading station wagon, Legacy Touring Wagon was released for sale in June 1998, after 5 years from the last model change. This is the third generation of its model, subsequently to the first generation, released in February 1988, and the second generation, released in October 1993. Tailored to a current generation, it is equipped with high collision safety and environmental performance. The best feature of this model is fulltime 4WD system, which is originally invented by Subaru and has been equipped from the first generation model. Also, it is equipped with high utility at the same level of its driving performance. Yet keeping the body of the Japanese domestic optimal 5 number size, all of its components have been redesigned to support the driving and collision safety. In addition, its dynamic exterior has the top level of aerodynamic performance, and the CD value is improved from 0.34 to 0.31. The cabin has a width that is incredible for 5 number size. In May 2000, several minor changes were made, and 6-cylinder engine has appeared in Lancaster; it was 3 and a half years after the end of production of Alcyone SVX in December 1996.

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